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Weekly Car Rental | Express Rent A Car

Weekly car rental is truly a wise alternative when it comes to your pocket and your personal life. While your car is taken for repair, you may have no other options but to use public transportation methods. In San Diego, public transportation methods can always be crowded and time consuming. Also, taking taxis can be very costly. On the other hand, you are used to driving your own car, so using pubic transportation will be inconvenient.

You can always get greater deals with weekly car rental rather than renting for several days. Let’s say you need to rent a car for a short business trip, where you are planning to pick up the car on Monday morning and will be returning it on Friday of the same week. You will look at the daily car rental rates and make your decision based on a five day rental. This can be the typical scenario for many people. However, if you look at the weekly car rental rates, you will find greater deals as much as 25% to 30% less than the daily rates.

Weekly Car Rental

Weekly car rental is best when you are planning a trip for a week or have a short business trip, that's why it is very popular among our customers.

Express Rent A Car offers weekly car rental packages specially designed for foreign students and frequent travelers with the lowest online rates and a fastest reservation process.

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