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Monthly Car Rental | Express Rent A Car

Although monthly car rental might not be your regular choice, in some cases it makes a lot of sense. If you have been relocating with your job, planning a long vacation or even studying abroad, monthly car rental is there to meet these special needs.

Let's face it, San Diego public transportation can be very crowded and time consuming. You also have to arrange your schedule according to bus routes and stops which is often inconvenient. Also, taking taxis around San Diego can be very costly. When you are planning to stay in San Diego for an extended period of time, using taxis and buses is fine for occasional purposes, however, to make the best use of your valuable time, you should try getting a long term car rental, so you don't have to rely on public transportation.

Monthly car rental

If you are planning to stay in San Diego and need to rent a car for several months, Express Rent A Car can provide you with the best rates around San Diego! Our monthly car rental packages are designed for foreign students and frequent travelers who need a car rental for a longer period of time. Whether you are staying in San Diego for a week, a month, or even an entire year, you can count on Express Rent A Car for an affordable and convenient monthly car rental.

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