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About Express Rent A Cheap Car: San Deigo car rental for students and travelers
Express Rent a Cheap Car San Diego Cars

Our Company's "Signature Letter" personifies our philosophy and the Spirit of this well-established downtown San Diego car rental company. Here at Express Rent a Cheap Car we believe in providing quality rental cars at the cheapest prices in San Diego area.

Founded by two friends who wanted to provide car rental at reasonable prices to the people of Southern California, Express Rent A Car has since grown to become a great success, with over 300 cars in its fleet. All it took was a small idea and the business blossomed into what it is today. Express Rent A Car works hard to serve its customers, be it foreign students and travelers, vacationers, San Diego locals and other US citizens.
The success of our business stems from our conviction: Good business attracts good customers and good customers make good business. Our repeat-customers are the hallmark of our longevity.

We are proud to have a large majority of Foreign Students and Foreign Travelers, and we cater to their special needs by providing reliable cars to MEET THEIR BUDGET, all at the fraction of the cost of our competitors.

At Express Rent A Car, all vehicles in our A-1 Plus car rental fleet are priced, booked and controlled by car category, not by car make or model. This way you don't have to pay more for the car brand. Rather, you're paying for the type of the car you rent.This makes our pricing system much more economical and fair to our customers who want to hire a car. In fact, our discount car rental is dirt cheap with high quality of service.

Our customers get A-1 car rental service and know exactly what they are getting before they take their perfect car rental for a spin.

Check out our bargain car rental deals and see for yourself why we're your No1 choice for car rental services in San Diego.

Express Rent A Cheap Car is your Number One Source for Car Rental Services in San Diego.
Our commitment is to provide San Diego with lowest rates and highest quality.
Check out our Special Weekly & Monthly Car Rental rates for ForeignStudents & Travelers. Call us for any other Discounts.
We also have great daily rates for local students and US residents.